Elkosta Bollard

Gunnebo offers from the product family “Bollards” solutions for entries, where pedestrians may enter unhindered but vehicle traffic is to be stopped. The attractive design makes the elkosta Bollard usable in inner city surroundings and can be used for city security and traffic management.



Applications can range from temporary closing of city centres, but still allowing vehicles with permission to pass, to real estate properties with high security needs. Gunnebo products are widely used on military sites, governmental buildings, embassies, banks and city centres.

Four differerent type of Bollards:

Elkosta Bollards M30 Fixed

Elkosta Bollards M30 Moveable

Elkosta Bollards M50 Fixed

TOLL FREE: 800(DANAT)32628

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TOLL FREE: 800(DANAT)32628

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