SpeedCAM is the perfect combination of ANPR smart camera and an intelligent speed measurement device all-in-one housing. SmartCam is a pre-built ANPR/LPR system, including



The SpeedCAM is the combination of FXCAMd camera, an embedded industrial computer with installed CARMEN FreeFlow software and radar. The camera module provides ideal images for the embedded PC which processes the images with CARMEN® license plate recognition technology.

The image capturing is triggered by the radar and the motion detection together. Full processing is performed inside the unit (like time stamp application). Images, license plate texts, location, speed and time are stored in the camera database with easy access through a built-in web-server.

This unit is especially useful at low infrastructure locations, due there is no need for separate PC close to the camera.

TOLL FREE: 800(DANAT)32628

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TOLL FREE: 800(DANAT)32628

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